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Minister Brian DeSotel

         After a decade and a half of serving selflessly in the Navy and Army, Brian was finally Medically discharged and went on to pursue a college degree. Left with unanswered questions and feeling stuck in a dark place ready to give up on everything; his wife, children and life. Brian found exactly what he was looking for: answers, a light switch, restoration but most importantly God that was still waiting for him with open arms. July 2017 Brian accepted the call on his life as a Minister at Damascus Ministries. Between teaching the word and giving classes you can find him working around the church, working the sound board and running game/movie night. Now being able to serve selflessly once again but for God's Army, Brian finds great joy in all he does and that’s because his job as Minister allows him to combine his skills of leading and training with his passion for helping people  grow closer to Jesus . The apple of Brian's eye is his wife Kinya, her love for God and keeping things real with him is what he loves most. Brian and Kinya have four kids: Nathan, Collin, Sebastian, and Sofia. Brian’s happy place is with his family whether that means playing games around the family table, watching a movie, being outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, snowboarding. If asked what his favorite scripture is and he would say all of Psalms 23.

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